I didn't have to think twice about taking on this project. Nameless Coffee Co. is doing more for the community than simply producing quality coffee. They've worked to connect with the coffee farmers from Yepocapa, Guatemala and establish friendships while building global knowledge and awareness.

Owner, Joel Potter, first walked the lands and met the people of Yepocapa in 2015. He left with 5lbs of cherries from a local farmer and a desire to help this community. Joel started roasting in a popcorn maker and thereafter began to venture into business with his team. He has chosen to exclusively buy, roast, and sell coffee from regions that they have personal relationship with, not just to make a profit, but to make a difference in people's lives.

Nameless continues to pursue relationships across the world to help encourage and support farmers and their families from all walks of life! Their goal is to see these farmers become successful through this relationship and through producing specialty grade coffees across the US.

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