Remind Me

Poem | December 2016

I need you to remind me who I am.
Because somewhere on the road I’ve forgotten.
The weight I feel has crept up.
Maybe I just haven’t swept up.
Or maybe it’s not my fault.
But I just haven’t looked up.
This life has worn on my soul.
Turned me cold.
Slowly and subtle it came.
Creeping in like an unwanted house guest.
Just when I thought I found rest.
It came.
Like a criminal seeking shelter.
I thought I had felt hurt.
The blood in my veins freezing over.
I thought this was over.
But it came.
I did not see it coming.
Warm this body.
Warm my face.
With your rays.
With your grace.
A sweet melting of my heart.
And forming into clay.
A lost and lonely heart.
A damaged wounded little prey.
I pray.
I need.
To believe.
I need you to remind me who I am.

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